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With its debut in California nearly forty years ago, RUSH remains the world’s best selling Liquid Incense! Tens of millions of lovers around the world have experienced a one-of-a-kind pleasure with genuine, original-formula RUSH thanks to it’s unmatched purity, power and potency. Powerized with the famous Power-Pak PelletTM, it stays fresher longer, and is more potent than ever. Look for the famous PWD Logo embossed on the top and bottom of every Rush bottle. It’s your proof that it’s one of the world’s most powerful formulas.

Rush Poppers PWD

.40 oz / 10ml
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rush poppers pwd 3 pack
Value Pack of three 10ml Rush Bottles
Our Poppers by PWD are so strong and so fresh we guarantee that you will wish you ordered more! Why not save yourself some time by ordering our three pack now and save money too!  Worried about long term storage?  Read this information and you won’t be anymore.

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rush poppers pwd 18 pack
Extra Value 18 Pack!
For everyone serious about their Rush Poppers do we have a deal for you! You can get a whole case of 18 bottles of our potent Rush Poppers for a great price.

Worried about long term storage?  Read this information and you won’t be anymore.


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Rush is a synonym for poppers. Although other brands have entered the market since, it was PWD Rush that started the poppers craze decades ago. Rest assured we only sell the real, export-strength formula – not any watered-down imitations. Recommended if you are after a reliable, instant hit every time.
With the convenient 10ml size Rush will easily slip in (and out) of your pocket, whatever the circumstance. A night out, a casual encounter, or whatever and wherever that bottle will always be there when you need it.  Go ahead and  get some Rush today.
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WE DO NOT SELL TO MINORS - KEEP THESE PRODUCTS OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Liquid products on this site are sold as finger nail polish remover and nail conditioner ONLY which are NOT for human consumption, and should only be used in strict accordance to the manufacturers' instructions. These products are not to be used as inhalents, liquid incense, video head cleaner, leather cleaner or any other use not recommended by the manufacturer. Severe Eye Irritant: In case of eye contact flush with water. Harmful if Swallowed. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors. We prohibit sales to anyone who indicates to us they intend to misuse these products as inhalants. Some of these products are flammable: Do not use near fire or flame. Misuse of these products with Viagra or Cialis may be fatal. Buyer assumes all risks and liabilities with the use of these products and holds RizeProducts, it's owners, employees, and contractors harmless.


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