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When people think of Pig Sweat they think of the must of a man that has been working hard labor all day.  This product will give you that natural raw smell.  Why not give it a try today.  You will not regret trying it.


Now available in a small bottle sample size this Power Play formula is more accessible than ever. At this price there’s no reason not to try it!

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pig sweat poppers
.50 oz / 15ml
Grab this Original Formula Pig Sweat Popper in the class tall brown bottle today! This size bottle sells for $20 and up elsewhere but you can always save on Pig Sweat at! is your #1 source for Pig Sweat Poppers!

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Not all poppers are made for the masses, and this would be one of them.  The name itself, Pig Sweat doesn’t even sound that inviting to most people.  But if you are willing to give it a try I’m sure it will become one of your favorites.

This blend is popular with quite a few people who do enjoy the “rough and ready” scent that it emits as well as it’s strength.  Manufactured in Canada by LockerRoom, this one continues to be a favorite amongst the Leather Men.  Pig Sweat did put out a rather strong and feral scent that wasn’t entirely unpleasant but certainly wasn’t our favorite.  The effects were very powerful and enjoyable but not something that I would want for an everyday popper or to use frequently.  This is one that I would pull off of the shelf when the mood for something “wild” strikes me.

So if this sounds like it’s up your alley (literally), then definitely give it a try.  Once you give Pig Sweat Poppers a try, be sure to come back for more.



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