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Here at Club Poppers we have a large selection of poppers for sale.

Never Fake It!  Poppers for saleWe have the best poppers for sale.

Our choices of poppers include Amsterdam, Amsterdam Special, Amyl Nigh, Blue boys, Bolt, Brasil, Can Opener, Ecstasy Pop, English, Flexxx, Hardware, Iron Horse, Jungle Juice Blue, Jungle Juice Platinum, Jungle Juice Plus, Locker room, Man scent, nitro, pig sweat, plain brown, poprs, quicksliver, ram, rave real gold, reds, rush, super rush, taiwan blue.  We are constantly adding to this list as new product lines come to market.

As you can see with our large selection of different types of poppers for sale at the best prices we can meet all your needs.  Tie this with our convenient fast plain package shipping and there is no need to look anywhere else.  Just for reading this post you can get a 5% discount off this order and all future orders.   Just use the coupon code club5 at checkout.  Currently this code only works for US customers.  We are working with our other suppliers to offer this discount worldwide, and this post will be updated when we have secured a discount worldwide.  We’ve got an option for a 10% discount for sharing this site with friends.  All the details are here: 10% off Poppers Coupon Code.

When you buy poppers from Club Poppers and our affiliates you get the best product at the best price.  Always make sure the seal is not broken on the bottles before use.  We only sell the freshest and real 100% poppers.  Do not accept fakes as they are of lower quality.

We only sell genuine, original-formula high quality poppers.  The PWD brands come with the Power-Pak Pellet.  Make sure the PWD logo is embossed on the cap if you purchase from other suppliers.  If it’s not it’s fake.  PWD makes the worlds purest more powerful formulas.  Beware of fakes on other sites.

We value you as a customer, and want to make sure you get the best poppers for sale.

You can always find poppers for sale at


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Posted on Jul 10, 2013


WE DO NOT SELL TO MINORS - KEEP THESE PRODUCTS OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Liquid products on this site are sold as finger nail polish remover and nail conditioner ONLY which are NOT for human consumption, and should only be used in strict accordance to the manufacturers' instructions. These products are not to be used as inhalents, liquid incense, video head cleaner, leather cleaner or any other use not recommended by the manufacturer. Severe Eye Irritant: In case of eye contact flush with water. Harmful if Swallowed. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors. We prohibit sales to anyone who indicates to us they intend to misuse these products as inhalants. Some of these products are flammable: Do not use near fire or flame. Misuse of these products with Viagra or Cialis may be fatal. Buyer assumes all risks and liabilities with the use of these products and holds RizeProducts, it's owners, employees, and contractors harmless.


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